• Amethyst

    • Aqua Quartz

    • Black Spinel

    • Gold Vermeil

    • Fuschia

    • Rose Quartz

    • Ruby Quartz

    • Sapphire Blue

    • Turquoise

    Byzantine Genuine Pearl Tassel Necklace


    This genuine cultured pearl tassel necklace is reminiscent of times past yet with a distinctly modern flair. Hand knotted pearls paired with faceted semi-precious stones, this necklace adds a groovy elegance to a t- shirt or a suit. It looks great worn with other pearls or a charm necklace for a layered effect. This necklace will become an instant heirloom.

    Amethyst Amethyst
    Aqua Quartz Aqua Quartz
    Black Spinel Black Spinel
    Gold Vermeil Gold Vermeil
    Fuschia Fuschia
    Rose Quartz Rose Quartz
    Ruby Quartz Ruby Quartz
    Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue
    Turquoise Turquoise