Our mission is to establish a new kind of luxury: vibrant, playful, versatile, and full of life. Glamourpuss is proudly designed in New York City by Courtney Moss.

The Glamourpuss Girl

We are inspired by the modern woman who moves through each day with flair and takes a fresh, expressive approach to fashion. Regardless of age, time, or place; her wardrobe is as fabulous as her lifestyle. Fusing fun with functionality, excitement with elegance, and sporty American style with international élan, the Glamourpuss girl dresses for every destination in a truly modern take on glamour.

About us

Glamourpuss NYC was founded in October 2009 by longtime friends Courtney Moss and Gigi Mortimer, who saw a need in their own closets for luxurious yet hardworking pieces imbued with quality, ease and joie de vivre. The first collection was a capsule of colorful, sumptuous fur funnels and rich, plush mittens that broke the mold on traditional winter accessories; it was a runaway hit.

Since then, Glamourpuss has expanded into a lifestyle brand for all seasons and both urban and outdoor lifestyles, becoming a go-to resource for opulent, whimsical, versatile statement pieces. Mixing classic European elegance with a sporty American attitude, we offer dynamic destination dressing whether you’re crossing the street, the city or the globe.

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